We turned $1K Into over $140,000 in 2 years

Basic Wager Rules

  1. Because currency and wagers vary, we only refer to items in terms of "units".  However, to designate "units" we use the "$" symbol.
  2. You only pay for weeks where we finish profitably (including our fee)
  3. We wager a small percentage of our account on each game to insulate from poor weeks.
  4. We will not bet playoff games.  When the pressure increases and referees "let them play", it can skew the outcome with respect to the spread
  5. We will never bet a Thursday Night or London NFL game.  
  6. We remove games with key player injuries
  7. For more information, please see our methodology section.

$1000 Into $140,000

$250 Into $6,000 In 2 Years

$250 into $6,000